Additional Links for Service Pack 2

The SP2 release improves the compatibility of the Office and SharePoint 2010 products with Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, Office 2013, and SharePoint 2013. It also addresses security, stability, and performance and contains  ll the Cumulative Updates (CU) and Public Updates (PU) that have released since SP1, starting with the June 2011 CU and July 2011…


Project Server Service Pack 2 OUT NOW!

Long awaited its finally here ..Service Pack 2 for Project Server 2010

Project Server 2010 permissions granted through RBS are not flowing through to Project Sites

When setting the security category with the option “The Project Owner is a descendant of the user via RBS”. The permissions applied to this security category work within PWA and allow the superiors of Project Owners to manage their projects, however the permission “View Project Site” does not seem to work as the superiors cannot…


Project Server 2010 cannot open project files from the Project Web App with Citrix XenConverter

I come across an interesting third party problem that I wanted to share with you. One Citrix VM built on WinXP SP3 with IE8 could not open via the internet explorer in the PWA, Project Files with the Project Client. OpeningFiles from the Project Client was working.  The Problem was caused by Citrix XenConverter (this is converting…


Cannot open or create word documents in SharePoint 2013 with Office 2010 and Project 2013

I wanted to share an issue I came across related to the SharePoint 2013. If you have installed the Office Suite 2010 and Project 2013 installed together on the same machine you will not be able to create a new Office document from the SharePoint document library, you will get a blank page displayed instead…


Office 2007 future updates require Service Pack 3

The Service Pack 2 baseline has been dropped and SP3 is now required to install Office 2007 updates from this point forward. Why? Please see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle pages for full details. Here’s a quick summary – once a Service Pack is released, support for the previous baseline ends 12 months after release (or atthe… Authentication Diagnose page -Who

I came across an issue where the PSI impersonation was not working. I found an interesting Script tool that helped to check the authenticated user. This tool can help in several scenarios where authentication is a problem.   Currently the diagnosis page provides details regarding the following items: •             authentication method being used NTLM /…