When Trying to install a update you get "The expected version of the product was not found on the system."

I came on my test environment across this problem when trying to install the latest update I’ve got the error message: “The expected version of the product was not found on the system” this can occur on Project 2007 and 2010. Running the following command from the command prompt will do the trick “office-kb.exe PACKAGE.BYPASS.DETECTION.CHECK=1″…


Unexpected behaviour for Sharepoint and Project Server and not only

Sometimes it might happen that you run into very random issues and cannot reproduce the problem. This might happen due to the antivirus that is blocking temporary files to scan them and by this it’s putting the files also in read only mode and this is most often the cause for some very strange behaviours…

How to create a Project Server Test environment from your production environment – or – Project Server 2010 Backup and Restore

1) Backup your source databases. Open SQL Server Management Studio and identify the five requireddatabases (Archive, Draft, Published, Reporting and Content): Right click on the source databases, and select Tasks >Backup.  Save the files in a place you will be able to find them again. Afterwards, you should have all of the databases in onelocation….