Generate a Visio WBS Diagram from a Project File or a Project File from a Visio WBS Diagram

As some options has retired from Project 2003 there are still ways to create WBS Diagrams in Project 2007 and Project 2010.

The best solution is to use the Addin Created specially for Visio 2007/2010

You can find them only for English, German, French and Italian Project/Visio Clients. You must have both Clients in the same language in order to make the Add-in work.

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Professional WBS Modeler

WBS Modeler add-in for Visio 2010




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  1. Ishaya Gaius says:

    the WBS Modeler add-in for Visio 2010 is a prerequisite for one of the courses I do at the university. thank you so mush for making it available. the download was easy!

  2. Grisel Vargas says:

    I can’t make the add in work on Visio 2010… maybe it is because it is in Spanish and my Project 2007 is in English? The add in is ONLY available in English, so this can’t be the problem. Help, please.

  3. Malte says:

    It dosen’t work!

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