ActivX Control will not install after October Cumulative Update 2011

After installing October Cumulative update on Project Server 2007 the new activX grid will not load.

Displaying "to view this grid, you must have a newer version of the Project Web ActiveX Control installed. Click here to download it"

The issue has been address to the product group and will be fixed asap.

ActiveX Workaround (October 2011 CU) – Checked for IE7/IE8/IE9

The Browser is showing “ … must have a newer version … “


On the Server -> Find the File „shell.js“. It may be here

C:\Program files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\PWA\LIBRARY


Make a Backup Copy of the file, select “shell.js”, right click -> edit

In Notepad, search for “compare” (ctrl+f)


Find “function PJ_CompareBuildVersion(clientBuildVersion, serverBuildVersion)”


Change “return 1” and “return -1” to “return 0” (zero)


Close and Save


On the Client use IE and go to the PWA site (Project Center)

Press “Strg+F5” to update the site -> the data will be shown now


If in one Browser the data is not shown try this:

Delete the Browser Cache and check the IE Settings

Tools -> Internet Options -> General tab -> Section “Browser history” -> click “Settings”

Modify “Temporary internet Files” to

-          “Every time I visit the Webpage” or

-          “Every time I visit the Internet Explorer”



“shell.js” is loaded from the Server to the Client and cached local.

On Update the Cache (delete or refresh) the modified version of “shell.js” is copied from the Server to the Client. And now (after the modification) the Version number will not stopping the ActiveX from showing needed data.

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