Dcdiag NcSecDesc test failure on Windows 2008 Domain Controllers KB published

We now have a KB article 967482 published regarding the NcSecDesc error described in my earlier post.

Dcdiag fails for NCSecDesc test on Windows 2008 Domain Controllers


Comments (2)

  1. ravindrapamidi says:

    Hi Geedboulu

    Not running ADPREP / RODCPREP command in a Windows Server 2003 / 2008 should not prevent promotion of writable domain controllers in a mixed 2003/2008 or in pure Windows 2008 environment.


  2. Geedoubleu says:

    Also does this also prevent dcpromo from completing on other DC’s?

    In my lab DCPromo kept erroring at the point of installing directory data, as soon as I raised the domain and forest to 2008 mode and then ran ADPREP /RODCPREP, DCPROMO worked fine.

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