Bye Bye Microsoft! Moving to a new blog!

This is my last day with Microsoft India. I must admit that I really enjoyed my role as an IT Pro Evangelist here and loved to interact with a huge audience throughout the country. I will continue to blog and dive deeper into technology with my new blog at : or simply ….


HYPER-V CAPABILITIES – LIMITS for Virtual and Physical Machines

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VMWare Certified Professional now!

I am also a               NOW! on VMWare VSphere 4   Just added the VmWare Certified Professional certification to my certifications today. The exam per say wasn’t that easy, but what was tougher was to gain that level of expertise on a compete product as much as you have on your own (Hyper-V and System Center)….


Virtualization with Hyper-V – Know the basics

         Hyper-V Terminology Term Functionality Windows Hypervisor Windows Hypervisor is a software interface that sits between the physical hardware and one or more Operating Systems. It controls access to a core set of hardware and guarantees isolation between the partitions, enforces policy restrictions for hardware access, and monitors the partitions. Partitions Partitions are containers…


Back Live on Zeollar from Today!

Thanks for the fantastic participation in Tech Ed India 2010 in Bengaluru! I am right back LIVE on from today. Watch my live demo sessions on : Technorati Tags: Zeollar,security,RODC


How LIVE MIGRATION works in Hyper-V R2

The live migration process moves a running VM from the source physical host to a destination physical host as quickly as possible. A live migration is initiated by an administrator through one of the methods listed below. The speed of the process is partially dependent on the hardware used for the source and destination physical…


File Classification Infrastructure in Windows Server 2008 R2

The built-in solution for file classification provides expiration,custom tasks, and reporting. The file classification feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 provides a fantastic and much sort after mechanism to automatically assign classification information to files on file servers and apply policy to them based on that information….. Watch  my video on home page today…


Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Architecture explained

A virtual hard disk (VHD) is a file that encapsulates a hard disk image. VHDs can be used in new and interesting ways. VHDs first were created to be the storage media for virtual machines (VMs). Today, VHDs are used to ship trial versions of software, used in backup solutions, used for bug triage (e.g….


Windows Activation Technologies update for Windows 7

Each year as more and more software products are released into the market, the issue of software piracy becomes larger and more critical. Software piracy in India is prevalent both in the public and private sectors. The use of such software makes businesses more vulnerable to deliberate cyber-attacks, as well as viruses and malware ("malicious…


how windows 7 enables work from anywhere and faster network access

DirectAccess overcomes the limitations of VPNs by automatically establishing a bi-directional connection from client computers to the corporate network…….. Depending on where the cache is located BranchCache will operate in one of two modes: Distributed Cache or Hosted Cache. The cache is kept on peers under the same subnet in Distributed Cache mode…… Attend this…