HYPER-V CAPABILITIES – LIMITS for Virtual and Physical Machines

The accurate, authoritative source for this is located at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee405267(WS.10).aspx

Comments (5)

  1. yash says:

    Hyper-V minimum requirement is Intel VT base processor or Only Itanium? & Do we have Hyper-V package for Windows 2003 R2 users?

  2. chinmay says:

    Good job ranjana.

  3. Crew says:

    Thanks Alot..

    Its Great Job.MSFT shuld have release this as a KT article.



  4. hutch says:

    Question: I have SAN disk attached to the Hyper-V host machine via fiber channel.  How can I make the virtual machines see that disk?  Currently they do not see it.  Thanks.

  5. babalou says:

    Hutch, try to make the disk offline to the host server by going into Disk Administrator on the host and right clicking the storage drive to make it offline.  Then go into the Hypervisor and edit the settings for the VM.  The drive will then be an option for the VM..

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