Some great training on IT Governance, Risk, and Portfolio Mgmt

I had the great pleasure of attending training this week at the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR).  I attended the summer session at CISR which comprised classes on: IT Portfolios and Business Agility Enterprise Architecture as Strategy IT Risk and Oversight IT Governance and Leadership IT-Enabled Change: The Human Dimension For those…


New book available soon on the Solutions Framework

Mike Turner has an MS Press book coming out soon on the Microsoft Solutions Framework.  I encourage you all to get a copy when it is available.  Mike has long been an expert on MSF and his learnings will provide some great insight into understanding and adopting the framework.  “Get the hands-on guidance you need…


ITIL books spark IT improvement

Pretty good article here on ITIL adoption and MOF implementation.  To quote from the article: “In February 2004, Microsoft consultants descended on ACC’s operations center for a one-week assessment of help-desk procedures for managing problems, changes, configurations and upgrades. The Microsoft team then issued a report, 10 percent of which was a snapshot of observations…


A great stop for ITIL-MOF internet resources

Tony put up a great list of ITIL and MOF links in a recent post.  If you have others that aren’t listed, please let one of us know. You can find the list by clicking here.


MOF Continuous Improvement Roadmap now available for download

One of the common results to a service improvement project is the stagnation that takes place after the initial assessment, design, and implementation.  A “version 1” is typically realized but once the process changes are in place, the ball gets dropped and a repetitive assessment never takes place. The goal of the MOF Continuous Improvement…


Technical details on Desired Configuration Monitoring

If you are currently using the free Desired Configuration Monitoring (DCM) solution for SMS 2003 or are evaluating this functionality, there is a great blog on MSDN which digs into the technical details of this software. In case you are unfamiliar with DCM, this solution will allow you to automate the validation of configuration management…


American ITIL expanding into goverment IT

Just came across a great article at on ITIL adoption in the US.  The author, Chad Vander Veen, delves into why this has taken off so much in the US the last few years, the expanded adoption in government IT, and where things are going in v3.0.  It mentions that some in government circles “are…


A good "How To" on setting up a virtual development and test environment

Need sound operational and technical assistance to setup a production emulated development and test environment?  Need this environment to support change and release management? If the answers are yes, then I highly recommend you examine the WSSRA (Windows Server System Reference Architecture) Virtual Environments for Development and Test solution or WSSRA-VE for short.  This is part of the overall…


ITIL Adoption Clearly Outpacing all Other Process and Compliance Frameworks

Evergreen Systems, a consulting firm based in Sterling, VA, recently reported its findings from an ITIL benchmark study.  They surveyed 167 people representing 108 companies and organizations at the 5th Annual IT Service Management Forum annual conference. Some results that jumped out at me from this study… 57% of those surveyed have a budgeted and approved…


Why MOF and not just ITIL?

Are you very familiar with ITIL concepts and wonder why implement MOF?  A new white paper on MOF: An Actionable and Prescriptive Approach to ITIL has been published to the Microsoft Download Center.  This white paper explains how MOF builds on and extends (or adopts and adapts if you like those words better) ITIL, to…