MOF Continuous Improvement Roadmap now available for download

One of the common results to a service improvement project is the stagnation that takes place after the initial assessment, design, and implementation.  A “version 1” is typically realized but once the process changes are in place, the ball gets dropped and a repetitive assessment never takes place.

The goal of the MOF Continuous Improvement Roadmap (CIR) is to make this continuous improvement actionable and achievable to help ensure that you are successful with process changes to IT operations.

MOF Continuous Improvement Roadmap

In addition, the MOF CIR assists IT service management staff by identifying areas of improvement based on business value, impact on IT personnel, and the ability to gain a “quick win” versus a long term improvement project.  Once these areas have been identified, then the CIR prescribes concise direction for focusing your service improvement efforts where they can benefit you the most.

The MOF CIR  is based on the best practice guidance contained in MOF version 3, and is positioned for compatibility with future releases of MOF and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It has three distinct components:

1. MOF Service Management Assessment

2. MOF Service Improvement Program (SIP)

3. MOF Service Management Guidance


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