A good "How To" on setting up a virtual development and test environment

Need sound operational and technical assistance to setup a production emulated development and test environment?  Need this environment to support change and release management? If the answers are yes, then I highly recommend you examine the WSSRA (Windows Server System Reference Architecture) Virtual Environments for Development and Test solution or WSSRA-VE for short.  This is part of the overall WSSRA which outlines a standardized infrastructure architecture.  The goal of WSSRA is to establish a foundation upon which organizations can design and implement solutions on the Microsoft architecture with more speed and less risk and cost.

Sample WSSRA Architecture

The purpose of the WSSRA-VE is to show how to design and build an accurate emulation of a corporate enterprise data center such as the one designed and documented in WSSRA, but altered to be used by development and test teams.

So, how does this fit into MOF and process initiatives?  There is extensive guidance in the Operations document as part of this solution (contained in the download from the link above) which ties this solution into the operating quadrant, virtual team, and various SMFs in the Optimizing quadrant.  Roles and responsibilities are documented and skills required to setup and operate in this environment.

This is extensive guidance.  Don’t download expecting some light reading.  This is very detailed and meant to be distilled within a project team to implement this solution.


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