What’s new in the MOF Network Administration SMF recently re-published?

In case you haven’t seen it announced yet, this SMF was republished May 31. 

“This version of the Network Administration SMF contains updated references to currently available Product Operating Guides (POGs) for Microsoft technologies operated as part of an organization’s network infrastructure. These technologies include DNS, WINS, and DHCP servers installed as part of the Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 operating system. The guidance in this SMF reflects the current best practices used by the Microsoft IT organization in operating and maintaining the extensive internal Microsoft network.”

The updated document has information on network administration processes and tasks as well as roles and responsibilities defined according to industry best practice.  Always note that these are roles and not organizational based job positions.

You can find the guides mentioned here.  These include guides around:

In addition to these you will also find operations guides on:


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