Understanding MOF / ITIL to increase career opportunities

This article on Computerweekly.com was an HR question related to IT Management.  The question is asked, how can I get back into the private sector?  The question was answered by a manager over IT recruitment, Jason D’Silva Williams, and part of his answer I found very interesting.  “Whichever sector or position you choose, it would be wise to train in the ITIL project management methodology.” 

The article reinforces a very valid point that as ITIL / MOF momentum continues to build in the US, the skills / certifications available will become increasingly attractive to recruiters and businesses. 

All MOF content is available at www.microsoft.com/mof and free of charge to download and review.  Microsoft offers a MOF Essentials class as well as a MOF Changing Quadrant class if you would like to get up to speed more quickly and in a classroom environment.  The classes are, IMHO, excellent and engaging; not something in which you are tied to a chair for two to three days.

So get up to speed now as this understanding will be very beneficial in the IT job market going forward.

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