MOF / ITIL Blogs and Optimizing Service Management

Thanks to Jonathan Hardwick for the recognition in his recent post on ITIL, MOF, and a critical mass of blogs.  There still aren’t very many posting on these topics but as long as the posts contain good and relevant content, more will catch on. 

A recent post on Dr. ITIL discusses optimizing your service management processes.  I was going to delve into the MOF Optimizing Quadrant in a separate post but wanted to mention here the other major framework developed by Microsoft, the Solutions Framework.  The MOF and MSF frameworks are readily aligned to guide the entire IT life cycle (see graphic below). 

mof msf relation

There is a large amount of documentation available on MSF that dive into readiness, project management, the team and process models, and the risk mgmt discipline tied very closely to the MOF risk mgmt discipline.  MSF v4 is currently in beta, for more information on the latest version, go to

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