Blogs talking about ITIL / MOF

Chris Jablonski at ZDNet writes about an issue I found as well; that Service or Operations Management just isn’t getting much focus in the blog world currently.  His post was entitled "Come on…is this the only blog touching ITIL".  One site he found, Dr. ITIL, has some good posts and another I have kept up with is simply titled ITIL

If there are others blogs you have found talking about ITIL, MOF, or other service management topics, please email them to me or post a comment.   

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Way back when, I wrote a couple of posts about ITIL and MOF (ITIL is an industry-standard set of best…

  2. Brian says:

    We at YellowTwist have started up a blog focusing on ITIL and Remedy development. Check us out from time to time as we add to the growing community of ITIL bloggers.

  3. Boris Pevzner says:

    My blog (at covers IT Service Management topics like ITIL, IT Productization, and Service Catalogs for IT exec audiences. Judging from the email traffic I get as a result, it’s clear that these topics are of great interest to IT execs. We definitely need more sources of quality information on these topics.

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