ITIL Adoption Clearly Outpacing all Other Process and Compliance Frameworks

Evergreen Systems, a consulting firm based in Sterling, VA, recently reported its findings from an ITIL benchmark study.  They surveyed 167 people representing 108 companies and organizations at the 5th Annual IT Service Management Forum annual conference. Some results that jumped out at me from this study… 57% of those surveyed have a budgeted and approved…


Why MOF and not just ITIL?

Are you very familiar with ITIL concepts and wonder why implement MOF?  A new white paper on MOF: An Actionable and Prescriptive Approach to ITIL has been published to the Microsoft Download Center.  This white paper explains how MOF builds on and extends (or adopts and adapts if you like those words better) ITIL, to…


Free Add-On Monitoring Solution Available for SMS 2003 to Support Configuration Management

From the Desired Configuration Monitoring user guide… “Desired Configuration Monitoring (DCM) enables you to author desired configuration manifests, and to monitor and report on compliance of your computers against a desired configuration. DCM thereby strengthens the Microsoft systems management platform by checking for undesired configuration changes across multiple configuration sources.DCM uses the Microsoft Exchange Server…


Another great source for MOF and ITIL training.

I saw an email recommending as an excellent source for training classes.  They offer traditional classroom delivered, e-learning (self paced, virtual instructor led), and Virtual Classroom style training. They have courses on: MOF ITIL COBIT HDI BS15000 Here is a link to their online catalog of classes. FYI, I made a dangerous move and…


Interested in a more secure and well-managed infrastructure?

Keith Combs presented a great webcast on a “more secure and well-managed infrastructure” by outlining effective implementation and optimization of MOF principles.  Keith posted about this in a recent blog entry which outlines details from the webcast.  If you haven’t viewed it yet, I encourage you to do so.  Register here. He delves into how…


The Love Triangle – Change Management, Configuration Managment, and Release Management

In a recent article in ict*World, Russell Steyn wrote about the “love triangle in ITIL – configuration management, change management, and release management.”  Interesting that this image arises as within the MOF training curriculum, there is a graphic similar to the following one which depicts a triangle between these three service management functions.   To flow…


How to Apply MOF Risk Management Discipline in Your Organization

To continue discussion from previous post on risk management tied to IT decision making… First the “why”.  There are many reasons listed in the MOF Risk Management Discipline white paper for why risk management is important to an organization.  One of the more important ones to me is that there is less time between failure…


MOF Risk Management tied to IT Decision Making

If you organization is like most, Risk Management is a discipline that is not given a lot of attention.  Quite often companies take a very basic approach and place risk management into a cloud of high, medium, and low without further definition.  Other companies take a very negative approach to risk from upper management that discourages risk…


Fox IT introducing new service management offerings

See the full article here.  Moira Stepchuk, of Fox IT, was my ITIL Essentials trainer several years ago now.  She was a great trainer and very knowledgeable with ITIL and MOF.  Fox IT has many quality offerings for ITIL and MOF services.  Be sure to check them out.


Lead time to CAB?

I have recently been dealing with an issue surrounding a lead time notification requirement to the CAB for changes at a significant level.  There was much discussion on lead time for authorization of the change vs. lead time for release readiness review.  It is true that these lead time notifications, if at all, are unique to the size…