Application Insights (for Java): Quickstart for Apache Tomcat

This post will highlight a quickstart guide to getting-up and running with the Visual Studio Online Application Insights for Java.  If this looks extremely similar to the content posted on MSDN, that would because it is. 1) Login to Application Insights for Visual Studio Online.  If necessary, sign-up here first. 2) Download the Java APM…


How To Instrument Catching Exceptions for Java APM

This post applies to both the Java APM Agent available from Application Insights as well as the RTM release of SCOM 2012 R2 (this feature was not available for the preview release of SCOM 2012 R2).  This article is written by myself and my co-author: Cijo Thomas. This post will discuss Exception Events generated by…


Application Insights (for Java): What is it and How to Get It

I previously mentioned that Application Insights supports Java and this post is a follow-up with some more links and information.  The official information page for Application Insights is here.  Briefly stated, Application Insights is a way to get the same great Application Performance Monitoring (APM) available in SCOM 2012 R2 in the cloud. The agent…


Video: Java Application Performance Monitoring with Operations Manager in System Center 2012 R2

Looking for more information Java Application Performance Monitoring with Operations Manager in System Center 2012 R2 – but tired of reading?  Take a stroll over to Channel 9 and take a look at the Edge Show for an approximately 20 minute interview with the feature Program Manager for an overview of the offering.  The interview starts…


Application Insights: For Java Too!

Microsoft recently announced a new service for VS Online called Application Insights (This is an invite-only service at the time of this writing).  In addition to providing deeper insight into your .NET applications, this online solution also has the ability to monitor your Java application as well.  Very similar to the Application Performance Management (APM) pieces…


Guide: Enabling SSL on Tomcat With The Java Management Packs for SCOM 2012

Here is a quick guide for enabling SSL on Tomcat with the SCOM 2012 Java Management Pack (download here).  As this Java APM Management Pack (download here) extends the previous MP, this content applies here too. Before getting started with this, you should certainly reference the appropriate Tomcat documentation for the specifics of configuring that…


Command-line options to enabling Application Performance Monitoring for Tomcat

This post will go over the specifics of running the command-line options for enabling the Java Application Performance Monitoring (APM) agent with a Tomcat server.  This is not coverage of the full System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) setup (please refer to the documentation), rather the details about how to enable the Java APM agent. Of…


WebSphere (7.0 & 6.1), Security, and BeanSpy

This page contains information about configuring the WebSphere Web Server to require BASIC authentication when accessing servlets. Security is a very Application Server specific task.  During the development of this feature, it was noted that depending on the setup of the application server, certain behaviors were observed. Below are the steps necessary for requiring authentication…


BeanSpy: Cheat Sheet for Application Discoveries

Here is a quick summary (i.e. cheat sheet) for the JMX Queries through BeanSpy.   JBoss Tomcat WebLogic WebSphere In general, if there is a problem with the automatic Management Pack discovery, remember to use the Universal Discovery method via the Manual PowerShell script.


Chicken and Egg Problem == solved: How to extract BeanSpy or PowerShell scripts if there is no discovery?

One issue that you might experience with BeanSpy (or the universal discovery PowerShell script) is how to get a hold of these binaries.  The expect flow is that the Management Packs (MPs) and Management Pack Bundles (MPBs) get imported, some discoveries occur, and then from the application server instance a task can be run to copy…