Sample JEE Application: Contoso Order Service

To get a better understanding of how to use the SCOM 2012 Add-on of the JEE Application Server feature in future blog posts, it is going to be necessary to have an application to talk about (and write Management Packs (MPs) against). For that reason, I am going to introduce a simple application dubbed the Contoso…


Recursively removing Management Packs

As a developer working with SCOM and management packs, I have had several occasions where I have needed to remove a lot of management packs (MPs).  Unfortunately, you must remove the MPs one-at-a-time in the UI.  Granted, in a production environment you are probably not removing a lot of MPs; however, if you are developing…


Managing Tomcat 6 by extending the JEE Application Server MPs

Previously, I wrote two posting regarding how to extend the JEE MPs to start, stop, and restarting Tomcat 7.x applications (Tomcat 7 Posting: Part 1 Part 2). This post will do the same for Tomcat 6.  Rather than re-state what was previously posted, here I will just highlight the differences for 6.x support. Interface to…


Universal Discovery in the SCOM 2012 RC

In the SCOM 2012 RC, there is a sample extention for Universal Discovery of application servers. This post will discuss this extension to the JEE Add-on. Out-of-the-box, the JEE Application Server Add-on feature supports a variety of applications servers on several version of Windows and Unix/Linux.  The support matrix is described below.  SCOM 2012 also brings…


Where to download the JEE Application Server feature for SCOM 2012 RC

I just realized that I never put a download link to the SCOM 2012 Release Candidate Add-on for monitoring JEE Application Servers.  Please go here to get the bits: