Application Insights (for Java): Quickstart for Apache Tomcat

This post will highlight a quickstart guide to getting-up and running with the Visual Studio Online Application Insights for Java.  If this looks extremely similar to the content posted on MSDN, that would because it is. 1) Login to Application Insights for Visual Studio Online.  If necessary, sign-up here first. 2) Download the Java APM…


Java APM Agent Changelog

I just realized that there is not a great means of tracking the changes to the Java APM agent for Visual Studio Online.  And so without further ado, a blog post to rectify the situation.  This post will discuss how to determine the version of the Java APM Agent as well as a changelog of…


System Center 2012 Management Pack for Java Application Performance Monitoring Released!

I am proud to announce the release version of Java Application Performance Monitoring (aka Java APM), available for download (  This feature builds upon the previous release (available for download here: to enabled APM functionality for several versions of Apache Tomcat. For more information, refer to the online documentation on TechNet. Note: this supersedes the…


Application Insights: For Java Too!

Microsoft recently announced a new service for VS Online called Application Insights (This is an invite-only service at the time of this writing).  In addition to providing deeper insight into your .NET applications, this online solution also has the ability to monitor your Java application as well.  Very similar to the Application Performance Management (APM) pieces…


Java APM MP Guide now Available… On TechNet

If you are looking the Java Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Preview Management Pack (MP) Guide, it can now be downloaded at or view it on TechNet at  Hooray for having documentation searchable online – welcome to 2003!  🙂


Recommended: Tutorial for Using Java APM with SCOM 2012 R2

I'm a little late to this, but I just found a great introduction if you are looking for a guide to using Java APM from the folks at    Part 1) Creation & Discovery of Ubuntu Linux VM Part 2) Discovery of Java Application Servers Part 3) Java APM December 17th, 2013: Updated Links…


Guide: Enabling SSL on Tomcat With The Java Management Packs for SCOM 2012

Here is a quick guide for enabling SSL on Tomcat with the SCOM 2012 Java Management Pack (download here).  As this Java APM Management Pack (download here) extends the previous MP, this content applies here too. Before getting started with this, you should certainly reference the appropriate Tomcat documentation for the specifics of configuring that…


PowerShell script to Remove Application Servers: Only Applicable to Application Server’s added by PowerShell

I would like to take a moment to clarify a point about the PowerShell script to remove application servers (aka RemoveJEEAppServer.ps1) that was recently brought to my attention. This mechanism for removing application servers is only intended for use with application servers added via PowerShell (aka NewJEEAppServer.ps1). You cannot use this script to remove an instance that was…


WebLogic Management Pack Explained: Discovery Process and Monitoring

In this blog post I will briefly discuss the discovery and basic monitoring on WebLogic from the JEE Feature of SCOM 2012 (  Although it is Java, the promise of write once, run everywhere does not hold.  Especially in the start and discovery phases.  The workflows for doing so on Windows and Linux/UNIX differ substantially….


Java APM Agent configuration files: Explained!

Edit for Nov 20th, 2013: the information on this page primarily is for the On Premise solution of SCOM 2012 R2.  Though users of Application Insights may find some of the information useful as well.   The Java APM Agent has three configuration files.  In this blog post I will give a brief explanation of…