Recommended: Tutorial for Using Java APM with SCOM 2012 R2

I'm a little late to this, but I just found a great introduction if you are looking for a guide to using Java APM from the folks at    Part 1) Creation & Discovery of Ubuntu Linux VM Part 2) Discovery of Java Application Servers Part 3) Java APM December 17th, 2013: Updated Links…


BeanSpy: Cheat Sheet for Application Discoveries

Here is a quick summary (i.e. cheat sheet) for the JMX Queries through BeanSpy.   JBoss Tomcat WebLogic WebSphere In general, if there is a problem with the automatic Management Pack discovery, remember to use the Universal Discovery method via the Manual PowerShell script.


Howto: Monitor EJBs with BeanSpy in SCOM 2012 on WebSphere 7.0

Similar to my previous posting, here is a sample management pack for monitoring EJBs on WebSphere 7.0.  For an explanation of what is happening, refer to the previous posting (and all of the legal warnings denying responsibility therein).  🙂   Basically, the differences are:   Changed references and class targets to point at WebSphere Updated…


Howto: Monitor EJBs with BeanSpy in SCOM 2012 on JBoss 5

Out-of-the-box, EJB discovery and monitoring are not supported by the SCOM 2012 JEE MPs (  That said, there is nothing to preclude a customer to write their own management pack for doing so.  In this blog post I will detail how one could do this for JBoss 5. Introduction Please note that this is provided…


Extending Discovery Of Java Applications in SCOM 2012

The solution to monitoring JEE Application Servers and Applications in SCOM 2012 is a good starting point, but sometimes you may want to do more.  The good news is that the structure of theses MPs are extendable and this blog post will detail how to do that. For instance, let’s suppose that I am a…


Connecting JConsole to WebSphere

In a previous posting I talked about connecting jConsole to connect Tomcat and JBoss, this time I will discuss WebSphere.  The short version is that this is not as simple as Tomcat or JBoss because connecting to the running process will not work.  If you just need MBean information I would suggest sticking with BeanSpy to…


Tomcat 5.5: Additional Steps to Connect to the MBean Server

As part of SCOM 2012, there is a feature to discover and monitor Java Application Servers (support matrix listed here).  This release supports Tomcat 5.5.x, 6.x, and 7.x,  For Tomcat 5.5.x, the default application server settings do not allow the application server to have access to the JMX Store. From an end-user perspective, you would…