Application Insights (for Java): What is it and How to Get It

I previously mentioned that Application Insights supports Java and this post is a follow-up with some more links and information.  The official information page for Application Insights is here.  Briefly stated, Application Insights is a way to get the same great Application Performance Monitoring (APM) available in SCOM 2012 R2 in the cloud. The agent…


Application Insights: For Java Too!

Microsoft recently announced a new service for VS Online called Application Insights (This is an invite-only service at the time of this writing).  In addition to providing deeper insight into your .NET applications, this online solution also has the ability to monitor your Java application as well.  Very similar to the Application Performance Management (APM) pieces…


PowerShell script to Remove Application Servers: Only Applicable to Application Server’s added by PowerShell

I would like to take a moment to clarify a point about the PowerShell script to remove application servers (aka RemoveJEEAppServer.ps1) that was recently brought to my attention. This mechanism for removing application servers is only intended for use with application servers added via PowerShell (aka NewJEEAppServer.ps1). You cannot use this script to remove an instance that was…


BeanSpy: Cheat Sheet for Application Discoveries

Here is a quick summary (i.e. cheat sheet) for the JMX Queries through BeanSpy.   JBoss Tomcat WebLogic WebSphere In general, if there is a problem with the automatic Management Pack discovery, remember to use the Universal Discovery method via the Manual PowerShell script.


Howto: Monitor EJBs with BeanSpy in SCOM 2012 on JBoss 5

Out-of-the-box, EJB discovery and monitoring are not supported by the SCOM 2012 JEE MPs (  That said, there is nothing to preclude a customer to write their own management pack for doing so.  In this blog post I will detail how one could do this for JBoss 5. Introduction Please note that this is provided…


Extending Discovery Of Java Applications in SCOM 2012

The solution to monitoring JEE Application Servers and Applications in SCOM 2012 is a good starting point, but sometimes you may want to do more.  The good news is that the structure of theses MPs are extendable and this blog post will detail how to do that. For instance, let’s suppose that I am a…


BeanSpy: JBoss Application Server JMXQuery to list deployed applications

IF you are running JBoss, here are a few quick steps to validating the BeanSpy installation. Once you havedeployed BeanSpy to a web application server, the next step is to see that it works.  While look at the /Stats or /Stats/Info is a nice cross-platform solution, sometimes you want to know what is running on…


UNIX/Linux Discovery and Workaround: Application Server’s path is a symbolic link or from a network mount

There is a bug in the Unix/Linux JEE application server code that for some configuration could prevent deep monitoring.  The issue will occur if the Application Server path contains a symbolic link or is network mounted.  In these cases, the underlying discover code does not see the path on disk, which results in the discovery ‘working’,…


JConsole: a tool for viewing MBeans

JConsole is tool provided by Oracle/Sun as of Java 5 to monitor a JVM through JMX. The purpose of BeanSpy is to provide a means of exposing this information through SCOM 2012. For those looking for more MBean information, here is a great blog post explaining how to connect JConsole to Tomcat.  The information presented should…


Minor Typos in the JEE Application Server PowerShell scripts

The help messages provided in the PowerShell scripts for adding and removing Universal Instances of JEE Application Servers to SCOM 2012 contain minor typos. The help messages (a) have the wrong script names and (b) should contain relative path to the directories.  For the later, by this I mean that these script are expected to…