PureText… because sometimes, you just want to simply paste

Kudos to Steven Miller for his PureText software.  Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to paste some text and all of the formatting junk that comes along with it is annoying.  Sure, you can always use paste and then click that little box to remove the source formatting, but it’d be better to just…


Visual Studio Plugin for Editor Guidelines: Recommended!

As a developer at Microsoft who writes Java, I find myself frequently flipping back-and-forth between Visual Studio and Eclipse.  One feature note that is not built into VS that I miss are guidelines.  When you work in a myriad of development environments on remote machines, word-wrapping is somewhat of a pet-peeve of mine.  Eclipse has…


Recommended: Demystifying JEE App Performance Monitoring in OpsMgr 2012 (JEE FAQs)

Here is an excellent primer for more information about “Demystifying JEE App Performance Monitoring in OpsMgr 2012”. This article provides an overview of the JEE technology and how that maps to Windows terminology.  It is a great read for some looking to learn more about managing JEE technologies in SCOM 2012.


Managing Tomcat 5.5 by extending the JEE Application Server MPs

Similar to the posts for Tomcat 6 (here) and Tomcat 7 (part 1 / part 2).  This post (and Management Pack) are very similar to the previous posting with some slight platform variations.  Different MBean Name The names of the MBeans class (and packages) representing Web Modules are different from Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 6….


UNIX/Linux Discovery and Workaround: Application Server’s path is a symbolic link or from a network mount

There is a bug in the Unix/Linux JEE application server code that for some configuration could prevent deep monitoring.  The issue will occur if the Application Server path contains a symbolic link or is network mounted.  In these cases, the underlying discover code does not see the path on disk, which results in the discovery ‘working’,…


Connecting JConsole to WebSphere

In a previous posting I talked about connecting jConsole to connect Tomcat and JBoss, this time I will discuss WebSphere.  The short version is that this is not as simple as Tomcat or JBoss because connecting to the running process will not work.  If you just need MBean information I would suggest sticking with BeanSpy to…


SCOMfaq.ch: SCOM 2012 – JEE Application Availability Monitor Template

Over on SCOMfaq.ch there is a great posting on SCOM 2012 – JEE Application Availability Monitor Template. As I wrote the template wizard, it’s pretty cool to see a post about something (professional) I did on the world-wide-web.  I was going to do a similar post, but this is such a great job I’ll just refer…


JConsole: a tool for viewing MBeans

JConsole is tool provided by Oracle/Sun as of Java 5 to monitor a JVM through JMX. The purpose of BeanSpy is to provide a means of exposing this information through SCOM 2012. For those looking for more MBean information, here is a great blog post explaining how to connect JConsole to Tomcat.  The information presented should…


Tomcat 5.5: Additional Steps to Connect to the MBean Server

As part of SCOM 2012, there is a feature to discover and monitor Java Application Servers (support matrix listed here).  This release supports Tomcat 5.5.x, 6.x, and 7.x,  For Tomcat 5.5.x, the default application server settings do not allow the application server to have access to the JMX Store. From an end-user perspective, you would…


Inframon: Excellent Blog Post about Monitoring WebSphere in System Center Operations Manager 2012

I am a late in finding it, but here is a great blog post by Inframon detailing how to monitor WebSphere using the JEE Application Server management packs.  This is a great article with detailed steps and pictures.  Kudos to the for the informative post!   Post: WebSphere monitoring with the JEE Application Performance Monitoring…