Howto: Monitor EJBs with BeanSpy in SCOM 2012 on WebSphere 6.1

By simply taking yesterday's post and applying the match of judicious copy-n-paste methodology: may I present a MP for managing EJBs for WebSphere 6.1.

All of the caveats regarding support (or rather lack thereof) and this is for information use apply.  🙂

Finally, the MP presented uses the debug product key and targets SCOM 2012 SP1; however, by a simple change to the reference section for the right key and adjust the appropriate MP versions this will work with SCOM 2012.


Update February 1st 2013: this implementation can be problematic as it limits the ObjectName to 512 characters.  Refer to this posting for another implementation that declares a longer ObjectName (key) property.


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