BeanSpy: JBoss Application Server JMXQuery to list deployed applications

IF you are running JBoss, here are a few quick steps to validating the BeanSpy installation.

Once you havedeployed BeanSpy to a web application server, the next step is to see that it works.  While look at the /Stats or /Stats/Info is a nice cross-platform solution, sometimes you want to know what is running on your specific application server.

As of this writing, the supported versions of JBoss Application Server are 4, 5, & 6.  JBoss allows users to deploy applications in both EAR and WAR formats.  The EAR files will appear as J2EEApplications, while the WAR files will appear as WebModules.  The respective queries are below:

Note: adjust hostname and port respectively

Finally, another quick test is to hit the previously mentioned Stats or Stats/Info pages for JVM information.

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  1. PChip says:

    Is there a document on how to "deploy BeanSpy to a web application Server" for Operations Manager admins who are NOT proficient with JBoss?

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