System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012 released!

Microsoft releases System Center 2012 to the public at large. For those who have not already tried it, a private trial is available for download here.

Part of the System Center 2012 suite is System Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM 2012).  This release of SCOM 2012 has many great features, but the feature that I worked on was support for monitoring Java Application Servers.

This feature adds out-of-the-box support for:

Version RHEL SLES Solaris AIX Windows
IBM WebSphere 6.1, 7.0 yes yes yes yes
Oracle WebLogic 10gRel3, 11gRel1 yes yes yes yes
Redhat JBoss 4.2, 5.1, 6.0 yes yes yes
Apache Tomcat 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 yes yes yes

Support JDK's for Redhat JBoss and Apache Tomct are Oracle JDK version 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x.

Updated 4/26/2012

The additional components for monitoring Java Application Servers can be downloaded here.

Comments (4)

  1. For specific details about which specific versions, please refer to the download link above, there is application server specific documents.

  2. Pretty much the decision has been made on customer demand.  There are actually two pieces though.  One is Java changes that you mentioned: when you are more than welcome to make as BeanSpy is Open-Source (see…/microsoft-open-sources-beanspy.aspx).  The second is the Management Packs to drive this logic and display the information in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

    If this is something that you're interested in, contact me through the "Email Blog Author" link above and I can put you in touch with someone.

  3. Shawn Boyle says:

    Is there any particular reason why there's no support for GlassFish? What would it take to add GlassFish support? My initial thought would be that the OpenSpy .war would need to add a JMX adapter to support interfacing with GlassFish JMX?

  4. I am definitely interested in having Glassfish support (out of the box).

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