Configuring / Change FC Quorum Model

As the quorum model has changed in Windows 2008 clustering here you can find more information’s how to configure the right quorum model in your cluster : Failover Cluster Step-by-Step Guide: Configuring the Quorum in a Failover Cluster

Vorbereitungen für Trainingscamp sind auf hochtouren ;-)

Am Mittwoch geht es endlich los – ITALIEN wir kommen ! Mit unserer Fussball Mannschaft fahren wir nach Italien in ein 5-tägiges Trainingslager. Bin schon gespannt auf die Location und natürlich auf die Pizzen, Pasta and natürlich Vino….. Stay tuned !

How to extend the partition of a cluster shared disk

How to extend a LUN / disk with build in tools like disk manager or diskpart CLI ?;EN-US;304736 Please be aware if you are running a virtual machine on that LUN you need to take the VM offline, expand the LUN, bring the VM back online !!!

Windows 2008 Cluster – Can’t move Disk from one Cluster to a new one ?

Today I had faced a very interesting issue. I was in a position where I need to move the disks from a “old” cluster to a new one. After several troubleshooting steps I found out that the disks has a “active” PR-3 reservation which blocks the access to the disks. This is a expected behavior…

SQL IO Performance

SQL is one of the most I/O intensive business critical applications and especially here it is really important that you have a look at the best practices. More Details about Performance, Disk Alignment, Storage Recommendations, I/O improvements ….. can be found at at : Jimmy May his Blog (SQL CAT Member) Troubleshooting SQL 2005…


OCS 2007 R2 is RTM now !

Microsoft Office Communication Server 2005 R2 has a lot of improvements included. More Details about the features you can find here Evaluation and Tools can be downloaded at : Here the other download links Object FWLink OCS 2007 R2 Eval OC 2007 R2 Eval Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Attendant Office Communications …

Free E-Book – Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

Free Microsoft Press “Understanding Microsoft Virtualization” eBook Mitch Tullock provides a thorough look at the capabilities, features, and operations of Microsoft virtualization technologies from the desktop to the datacenter, and how to plan, implement, and manage virtual infrastructure solutions. This is a 417 page Microsoft Press book and a 14.4MB PDF download.  It covers everything…

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Security Guide – beta now available

The security in virtualization environment are very important for most of the customers. Microsoft has now published (Beta) a security guide which covers the following security topics : Hardening Hyper-V. The guide provides prescriptive guidance for hardening the Hyper-V server role, including several best practices for installing and configuring Hyper-V with a focus on security….

Windows 2008 Hyper-V R2 Beta 1– Download

The for free available virtualization server from Microsoft will have several new enterprise and high availability features like clustered shared volumes (CSV), failover clustering which makes it very easy to create HA VMs Try it @ My personal opinion about the current MS virtualization is very good and the first performance results from benchmarks…