How to turn on Cluster logging on MSCS

If you need to troubleshoot cluster issues, you can turn on the verbose logging for the cluster service "CLUSTER.LOG" which is located %WINDIR%Cluster

To set the System environment variables, follow these steps:

1. In the System tool in Control Panel, click the Environment tab.

2. Click an entry in the System Environment Variable window.

3. Click to clear the Variable and the Value text boxes.

4. Type ClusterLog in the Variable box, type path\cluster.log in the Value box, and then click Set, where path is the drive and folder to store the Cluster Server log file.
Note: The recommended default path in Windows 2000 and later is %SystemRoot%\Cluster. For example, C:\WinNT\Cluster\Cluster.log.

5. Type ClusterLogLevel in the Variable box, type the value that you want in the Value box (a list of values follows), and then click Set.
The value that you type in the Value box determines what logging functions the Cluster service performs. You can type any one of the following values:

0=No logging

1=Errors only

2=Errors and Warnings

3=Everything that occurs

Note: The CLUSTERLOGLEVEL variable only defines the output to the screen when you start the Cluster service by using the /Debug switch. It does not affect the contents of the Cluster.log file.

6. Click OK.

7. Restart your computer for Cluster service to read the variables correctly.

More details @ KB168801

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