HYPER-V RC available

Finally the Hyper-V virtualization engine from Microsoft is publicly available. If you are one of the users which is currently using the Hyper-V Beta you can easily upgrade as described in the KB949219 let’s start with virtualizion 😉

KB266274 – How to Troubleshoot Cluster Service Startup Issues

When the Cluster service initially starts, it attempts to join an existing cluster. For this to occur, the Cluster service must be able to contact an existing cluster node. If the join procedure does not succeed, the cluster continues to the form stage; the main requirement of this stage is the ability to mount the…

How to turn on Cluster logging on MSCS

If you need to troubleshoot cluster issues, you can turn on the verbose logging for the cluster service "CLUSTER.LOG" which is located %WINDIR%Cluster To set the System environment variables, follow these steps: 1. In the System tool in Control Panel, click the Environment tab. 2. Click an entry in the System Environment Variable window. 3….