How to check whether a site collection does exist via PowerShell using 'ErrorAction'?

The Get-SPSite  cmdlet as described here returns either a single site that matches the 'Identity' parameter, or all the sites that match the 'Filter' Parameter. But how can I check whether a specific Site Collection does exist?


The call

  Get-SPSite http://win-ppdptgfeo66/sites/MockUp

returns the SPSite object [1] when the SC exist - wonderful. 

But when I call it for non-existing site collections I am getting the following error is returned [2].

 OK - so this might be the right time to make use of a 'try-catch block' as shown in the following figure.


try {

   Get-SPSite http://win-ppdptgfeo66/sites/MockUp

} catch [Exception]


   Write-Host "Keep calm, the site collection has not been found"



As shown in the screenshot below an error occurs and not the expected Information is shown.

But NO, it seems that the try-catch block is not working here.

The solution for checking the existence of a site collection lies in the standard common PowerShell Parameter 'ErrorAction'.

if ([bool] (Get-SPSite http://win-ppdptgfeo66/sites/Mochup -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $false) {
 Write-Host "Keep calm, the site collection has not been found"
} else {
 Write-Host "Wow - Site Collection does exist"


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