Update on SCVMM and Hyper-V RC1

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post but just wanted folks to know that we're almost ready with a patch that makes SCVMM beta compatible with Hyper-V RC1. We're "dogfooding" it (we're using it ourselves) internally for the next couple of days and barring any showstoppers, we should have a public patch available by Monday. Thanks for hanging in there. I know this is somewhat painful but the change to hyper-V was necessary and ultimately the final release of both products will be better.


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  1. Krishnan Iyer (Expera) says:

    Rakesh, how is it going? I have been also dogfooding! SCVMM and HyperVRC1. I filed a bug / feedback on connect.microsoft.com that I can repro consistently.. I am based out of Bellevue and this is reproable on my laptop – so can bring it by to help you improve the stability of the product!! my email is krishnan@experallc.com and my ph is 425 827 5639.

    I have two bitmaps that I can email you if you tell me how! I could not attach it to the bug on connect.


    Krishnan Iyer

    Expera LLC


    VMM is able to connect to host and sees all the details (live) regarding the two VMs. When you go to choose one of the VMs it dies! see steps below.. I have two bitmap files of the error that gets posted.. dont know how to get it to you guys.. there is no "file attachment" If you are interested let me know I will email it to you – my email is krishnan@experallc.com


    Krishnan Iyer

    Expera LLC

    Security & Virtualization

    Repro Steps

    Steps to Repro

    1. Install WS08 Std with Hyper V RC1. Verified that all is good with Hyper V Manager Snap In.

    2. Install two VM’s (a) WinXP moved VHD from WS03R2VirtSer (b) created a new machine running ubuntu 8.04 x64

    3. Converted WS08 server to DC before installing VMM

    4. Installed VMM Admin Console

    5. Installed VMM Server

    6. Added WS08 host running Hyper V RC1 in VMM

    7. Status shows that everything is working well (see bitmap #1)

    8. Choose the "Virtual Machines" on the bottom left nav

    9. You get an error (see bitmap #2)

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