Creating additional controls for MDT Application


Creating controls for your application deployment is fairly simple.

Step 1:

Create a simple HTML controls with the variable names you would like to use and the values


Step 2:

Remove the character returns , spaces and form this in a single line format


Step 3:

Create a script to drive the installation based on the options entered from the wizard variable.

Initialize the variable in your script


Now, use oEnvironment.Item(“VariableName”) to leverage your newly created wizard variable. ( you can use MDT help “Create new Scripts from a Template”)


Create the application with the above created script to drive the installation


Paste the line from Step 2 to the “Display Name :” section of the application property


Step 4:

Launch the wizard and you will see the controls . When the wizard is processed, all these control names are translated in to MDT Variables ( No Additional coding required ). MDT have the capability to do this and these variables are available until the end of the deployment like any other wizard variables.


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Comments (7)

  1. You should add a step in your tasksequence.

    Open your task sequence and

    Add – General – Install Application ( Then select Install multiple applications )

    The above will make it make the function call to all the checked application.

  2. You need to write that logic instructions in the wsf file that you are creating.  (Step 3) above.

    Let say you created the control called Java_Version

    In your script, you will gather that like this.

    Your folder structure in MDT would look like this



    ApplicationSetup_Java.wsf  – This will be your script file.

    Dim Java_Version


    sFile = oShell.CurrentDirectory & "Java" & Java_version &"jre.6u-30.exe"

    oUtility.RunWithHeartbeat(sFile & " /s /v""/qn IEXPLORER=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL UPDATE=1")

  3. Yes, The example above is to enable a support parameter for any application that are deployable via MDT.

  4. AL says:


    Do it works for any applications like Java per example ? I want to install choosed version of java selected in the wizard as you shown.


  5. AL says:

    Ok but I don't understand how you deal with App guid in wsf script..

    When I checked the desired app, which function call app guid to execute app ?

  6. AL says:

    Yes you right but my goal is to install one of three version of java which will be checked by radio Burton in wizard. T this time, I checked the box "java" but when i selected any version, there,s no instruction to install desired one.. On the gather, only java guid is choosed

  7. AL says:

    Thank you but I found another way. This post is very helpful !

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