Find driver supported architecture before importing to MDT2010

(Refer my new posting for Broadcom NX2 deployment via MDT2010 Broadcom Net Extreme II Driver deployment in MDT 2010)

Important Note : MDT 2010 Update 1 Release would automatically detect the right architecture. Below article applicable only for MDT 2010 RTM

For example if you are downloading driver file Make sure you get the right architecture and extract the drivers (In general it contains only these two following files b06nd51a.sys and b06nd.inf)

Open the extracted b06nd.inf file and you can see the section show like below.



%brcm% = broadcom, ntx86, ntamd64, ntia64

; x86 WS3 or XP installation.


; x86-64 WS3 or XP installation.


%bcm5706c_desc% = bcm5706c_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_164a

%bcm5706s_desc% = bcm5706s_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_16aa

%bcm5708c_desc% = bcm5708c_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_164c

%bcm5708s_desc% = bcm5708s_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_16ac

%bcm5709c_desc% = bcm5709c_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1639

%bcm5709s_desc% = bcm5709s_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_163a

%bcm5716c_desc% = bcm5716c_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_163b

%bcm5716s_desc% = bcm5716s_amd64ws3, PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_163c


You can see section for [broadcom.ntx86]  is empty and [broadcom.ntamd64]  is filled with the PCI Id’s supported. [Manufacturer] section shows all ntx86, ntamd64, ntia64 ntx86 but It’s actually supporting only ntamd64 ( which is x64). So this driver is only for AMD64 only.  After you import the driver in MDT make sure you uncheck x86 architecture to make sure this driver is only available for x64 only.


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