Hello, World! Welcome to Quentin's Blog on ECM, Archiving, and eDiscovery.

Hello, World!

My name is Quentin and I am a Program Manager for Archiving, eDiscovery, and Devices. You may know me for such SharePoint and Exchange features as document sets, site mailboxes, information management policy, CMIS, large scale document repositories, eDiscovery Center, and Records Centre (It is Centre on this blog so I get some international appeal; that is how they spell it in the U.K.).

People often ask what it means to be a Program Manager. I work with a team of program managers and developers to build eDiscovery and compliance capabilities in Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Yammer. I love talking to people about the challenges they face, imagining solutions that will solve their problems, and then working with a team to build it. I spend my time talking to customers, running research studies, designing user experiences and architecture, working with developers, attending lots of meetings, and sending lots of email. We have fun, tackle hard challenges, and build the future for our Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, and Office customers.

But enough about me. You came here for useful information. To have the secrets of the universe revealed, or at least the secrets of Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange. This blog is where I will share my thoughts on eDiscovery, archiving, compliance, records management, enterprise content management, productivity and anything else I think may be worthwhile. Since I work on Office 365, which includes SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Yammer, you can expect me to focus on how you can help your organization collaborate, be productive, and meet your compliance needs.

Thanks for reading and here is some info to kick this blog off. A common question I get at conferences is: Where can I learn more about X? (SharePoint, ECM, eDiscovery, etc.) Here are a few good resources to get started:

Conferences: Attend SharePoint Conference. Missed the last one? Check out SharePoint Conference Videos. Find tons of hours of demos and presentations on SharePoint.

ECM: Check out the SharePoint Enterprise Content Management Blog

SharePoint User Groups: Find your local friendly SharePoint User Group and meet other SharePoint people. I am part of the Puget Sound SharePoint User Group. Try searching for SharePoint User Groups near you.

eDiscovery: Here is a great intro blog post I wrote about eDiscovery: Intro to eDiscovery in SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync 2013

Also check out the presentation I did at SharePoint Conference: End-to-end Microsoft eDiscovery in Office and Office 365

SharePoint Scale: An article I authored about large lists and supporting tens of millions of items in a single document library: Designing large lists and maximizing list performance.

Records Management: SharePoint for large scale records management – hundreds of millions of documents and beyond!

Quentin Christensen, Program Manager

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  2. lisa says:

    You rock, we're not worthy. Now with the obligatory grovellying at the emperors feet done… please sir we want some more. I'm may be a nube but I can see some great articles ahead. happy your here

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