AIIM Q&A About SharePoint and Office 365

A few weeks ago I had a Q&A with John Mancini of AIIM where I and Andrew SanAgustin answered questions frequently asked by the AIIM Community. Some of the questions included: How can one use SharePoint, Office 365, or other technology to apply legal preservation? Do you recommend or work with any particular 3rd party…


Creating a Custom New Document Set Form

The form that is used to create new document sets is located in _layouts of the SharePoint server. This means there is only one form for every document set content type to use. In some cases a custom form may be needed. With a custom form you could automatically fill in metadata or do conditional…


Getting Your Organization to Use SharePoint and Office 365

This one is for all those SharePoint evangelists and implementers out there who are hard at work trying to improve their organization. You champions of collaboration who have deployed SharePoint and seek to show everyone the light of sharing and efficiency. You have worked hard getting SharePoint running and seen the usage start to rise….


Migrating Existing Content into Document Sets

Document sets are so great I am sure you have thought up lots of different ways to use them, but there is just one problem. You have been using previous versions of SharePoint and already have tons of content that should be turned into document sets. Well there are a few ways you can accomplish…


SharePoint Upgrade Strategies

What movie describes your SharePoint upgrade? Edge of Tomorrow because you keep trying things and failing but each time you get better and finally get there?   Groundhog Day since the cycle just keeps repeating itself? 12 Angry Men where people argue and tensions get hot because one guy is holding everyone back from finishing…


Using Search Properties and Operators with eDiscovery

Using Search Properties and Operators with eDiscovery I am back with some more information about eDiscovery search with Exchange, SharePoint and Lync. This time learn about search properties and operators. Before we start, here are some related useful resources. Overview of Microsoft Office eDiscovery with Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync 2013 Searching and Using Keywords in…


The Groove of Optimum Performance

Have you ever felt like you were just in the zone? Things were hard, but they were going well. You were learning new things and getting it done. You were in the groove. This is a great place to be, ideally you spend most of your time here except occasionally to go into the Pit…


The List View Threshold (STOP! Don’t change it!)

Today call me the Sultan of Scale, because we are talking about SharePoint Scale and the list view threshold. When you excitedly upgrade your farm to SharePoint 2010 you may head on over to a large list and try and access it or do an administrative operation such as add a column. Suddenly you are met…


The Pit of Success

Have you ever felt stressed and overwhelmed? Was what you needed to get done too hard, the challenges beating down on you over days and weeks like The Ring weighing down Frodo to the depths of despair in The Lord of the Rings? Frodo went through the Pit of Success. He overcame impossible challenges, discovered…