ISA Server logging

In order to query the log, in addtion to the builtin query viewer of ISA, you can install SQL client tools, then use SQL Analyzer to connect to ISA-SERVER\MSFW (replace ISA-SERVER with your actual server name) and query the log. See the example here. The builtin query viewer of ISA can show only the first 10,000…


Exchange Server 2003 resource

* Steps to configure RPC over HTTP support for an Exchange 2003 Front-End, slide download (7.1M)* tutorial: How to publish Exchange ActiveSync* Standalone Device Emulator 1.0 with Windows Mobile OS Images (install this first)* Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0 — Standalone Release (then install this)


Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM 2007)

DPM 2007 is a great tool for backing up Microsoft software (File/Active Directory/SQL/Exchange/SharePoint…), very fast, convenient and very economical. * Presentation slide download (1.8M) * DPM 2007 demo video download (5.1M)- DPM Server installation, Agent manual installation (firewall exceptions created)- Backup Exchange, SQL and File servers- Restore Exchange Maildatabase, Mail messages (using DPM and Outlook)- Restore…