System Center VMM 2012 Error : Unable to contact storage service


Recently, while configuring SCVMM 2012 fabric Management for SMI-S Storage. It failed to connect to SMI-S Storage due to “Microsoft Storage Management Service” started and then Stopped.





 Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Storage Management server. Try following steps:

1. First stop VMM service and VMM agent service on the VMM server.

2. Uninstall the Microsoft Storage Management Service by running the StorageService.msi from the SCVMM 2012 installation media (\amd64\setup\msi\SCXStorage) and choosing “Remove”

3. Copy "SCXStorage” folder from Installation media on local Machine. Install the “Microsoft Storage Management Service” from the elevated command prompt: “

Browse to SCXStorage folder and type Command

“SCXStorage msiexec /i StorageService.msi /L*V c:\temp\install.txt”

4. Start VMM service and VMM agent service

5. Verify that Microsoft Storage Management Service is started

6. Open VMM Console and add the SAN storage

Hope this will help! Smile

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