Technology and Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

On 9/11, I was a grad student at UC-Irvine in California. I found out about the terrorist attacks from a professor on the elevator on the way up to my laboratory. I hadn’t watched TV that morning before heading to school. And remember, I was on the west coast, so at that time I was…


On the unique and disparate nature of the DC tech community

Recently, I had coffee with a long-time fixture of the Federal tech community. I’ve known this person off-and-on for a while but we’ve never done a one-on-one to get to know each other and compare notes. It was enlightening for me. As we went back and forth talking about different things we had done or…


Across the Threshold: Evolution of the White House "We the People" Open Government Platform

Today is inauguration day in Washington, the day when Barack Obama is sworn in as President of the United States for another four years. In 2009, when this happened for the first time, the outgoing George W. Bush administration staffers were in many cases replaced by people with social media savvy, and in one of…


White House Correspondents Dinner: Why Do Geeks Hate Nerdprom?

Recently, the White House Correspondents Dinner (AKA “Nerd Prom”) and its bevy of pre-parties, after-parties, and brunches hit Washington, DC by storm as it does every spring. But across the Potomac in Arlington, VA, a simultaneous gathering of government enthusiasts known as “Transparency Camp” occurred, sequestered from networking with influential media, political, and business titans….


Evidence From The White House 'Twitter Town Hall' That Twitter Is Both Cutting-Edge Tech Company And Old-Fashioned Media Company

This week, President Obama took part in the first “Twitter Townhall” event, hosted in the East Room of the White House. I was on the scene to take it all in. The event led to widespread general coverage (see articles from Forbes and Bloomberg, for example) and what could be considered a public relations boon…