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Register for these new technical webinars to advance your Data & AI technical knowledge. Learn about Cloud Scale Analytics, AI, BI and Data Platform Modernization. These technical webinars are presented by Microsoft Partner Technical Consultants and are available at no cost to MPN members!

New technical webinars:

Adopting Power BI for Embedded Applications - Increase your level of business intelligence and feel more confident with data-driven decisions, by better understanding the service pricing model, licensing requirements and guidelines for service capacity planning and monitoring. Understand how to integrate Power BI reports into a web application and identify the pre-requisites and configuration required to make that possible. (English – October 17)

Technical Deep Dive on AI Cognitive Services - Learn how to use Cognitive Services to infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs. This expansion of Microsoft’s machine learning API’s enables developers to easily add intelligent features, such as emotion and video detection, facial, speech and vision recognition as well as speech and language understanding – into their applications. (English – October 4 & October 11)

Technical Deep Dive on AI Data Science Process and Machine Learning - Understand the fully managed services for building, deploying, and managing machine learning and AI models in the cloud within the Data Science Process and Azure Machine Learning Platform. Learn how to prepare data, build your Machine Learning models and deploy them to receive predictive analytics. (Portuguese – October 4, English – October 9, Spanish – October 23)

Technical Deep Dive on Enterprise BI and Hybrid Scenarios with Power BI – Better understand how to use Power BI to approach common Enterprise BI scenarios - hybrid or in the cloud, as well as combining capabilities within Power BI, Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server to transform complex data into powerful business insights. Additionally, understand key capabilities advantages of using Power BI Premium. (English – October 30)

Technical Deep Dive on Data Platform Modernization On-Premises - Understand how to use SQL Server for your Data Platform Modernization, leveraging advanced business intelligence using SQL Server. Learn common scenarios and guidelines on migrating to on-premises databases to help prepare your customers for their SQL deployments. (English – October 24)

Technical Deep Dive on Cloud Scale Analytics: Azure Data Bricks - Familiarize yourself with Azure Data Bricks - the fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform. Learn how to create a Databricks workspace and a Spark cluster and better understand the value proposition for Azure Data Bricks and how to integrate other Azure services. (English – October 18 & October 25) 

These dates don’t work with your schedule? Additional dates/times will be added to the titles above, so check back often!

View the full technical journey available to help you build your Data & AI practice by connecting with Microsoft partner technical consultants through interactive technical webinars and personalized consultations at aka.ms/DataAITechJourney.

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