Build your Data Platform Modernization practice, unlocking the true power of data

Take your customers’ businesses to the next level by giving them the reliability and advanced business intelligence they’re looking for using Microsoft’s integrated, intelligent data platform. By requesting one of the consultations below you’ll receive personalized technical guidance to help you build, deploy and optimize your solutions.

Data Platform Modernization Starter Kit Consultation (L100-200)

  • Key outcomes: Enable Data Platform Modernization with specific planning guidance for common data scenarios. Receive personalized technical guidance on modern data strategies, choosing a path to modernization, building an agile data analytics solution and transforming insights into action. Engage with Microsoft experts to help build your data platform strategy using Azure Data Services and SQL Server 2017. You’ll walk away with an understanding of cost estimation, reference architecture documentation and sample architectures.

Data Platform Modernization Presales Consultation (L100-200)

  • Key outcomes: Receive technical guidance as you take your customers through the features, best practices and sample scenarios when moving their database to the cloud. During this one-on-one consultation with a Microsoft expert, you’ll learn about data migration to SQL deployment, tools to check compatibility and using SQL Server integration services. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to propose the right solutions and mitigate potential issues for data platform modernization deals.


Discover the full suite of technical webinars and consultations available for the Data Platform and Analytics technical journey at

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