Join an upcoming session of the Technical Deep Dive on SQL Server webinar

Prepare your customers for their SQL deployments, by understanding common scenarios and guidelines on migrating to on-premises databases. By attending one of the upcoming sessions, you’ll receive technical guidance on migrating to SQL Server, cloud services (IaaS or PaaS) and begin to understand SQL Server on Linux. With the help of Partner Technical Consultations, you’ll receive a guided walk through of the features and functionality within SQL on both the on-premises and cloud side, helping you to gain more customers.

6 unique sessions to choose from - all at NO COST to MPN partners:

  1. Create Your SQL Server in the Cloud
  2. SQL Server Loves Linux
  3. Introduction to HA/DR Solution in SQL Server 2017
  4. SQL Server Security and GDPR
  5. SQL Server Hybrid Features
  6. SQL Migration Oracle to SQL Server Using SSMA

To view the full agenda for each session and future webinar dates (other than the webinars listed below) visit

Upcoming webinars (English):
Upcoming webinars (Italian):


There’s more! Explore the full suite of technical webinars and consultations available for the Data Platform and Analytics technical journeys at 

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