Updates to App Innovation Tech Journey – Expanded consultation and webinar rename!

We are pleased to announce updates to two offerings within the application innovation technical journey. The technology scenarios covered in the API Consultation have been expanded to further assist you with API integrations. Additionally, the former webinar Ask the Experts on Office 365 Application Development has been renamed to Technical Deep Dive on Integrating External Apps with Office 365.

Expanded technical consultation:

API Consultation (5 partner advisory hours; L200-400)
Within this consultation, you’ll discuss and review technical scenarios which can be addressed through the use of Microsoft Cloud APIs. Receive architecture guidance and references for integrating your existing systems with Microsoft Cloud solutions, or development of new applications.

Expanded list of technology scenarios covered this consultation:

  • Azure Active Directory Integration
  • Partner Center REST API
  • Azure Resource Manager REST API
  • Service Management API
  • Microsoft Graph API

Technical webinar rename:

Technical Deep Dive on Integrating External Apps with Office 365 (no cost to MPN partners; L300–400)  Formerly Ask the Experts on Office 365 Application Development
Receive guidance on how to secure and integrate external applications with Office 365, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Gain technical insights and discuss Office 365 Application Development learning best practices and integration scenarios. This technical webinar is organized in 2 different sessions each with a duration of 2 hours, all consumable individually or together, depending on your needs. By attending the sessions within this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how to integrate and authenticate external applications with Office 365
  • Understand how to Integrate external applications with Outlook Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams
  • Receive best practices on Office 365 application development, including Azure Active Directory common scenarios


Access the full suite of webinars, chats and consultations available for the application innovation technical journey by visiting aka.ms/O365AppInnovation or aka.ms/AzureAppInnovation.

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