How do I submit a Signature Cloud Support incident?

To submit a support request on behalf of your customer, you need permission to the customer’s subscription.

For Office 365 and CRM Online you need Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP) for your customer’s subscription, then assign a user administrative access to companies you support, click Partner to enter the Partner Admin Center, select your customer and click + to create a support request


For Azure you need a sign-in for the customer’s Azure subscription and Administrator / write permissions, then Link Existing Benefits and enter the Access ID and Contract ID for your benefits. Learn how to request your Access ID and Contract ID.

  • Partners should use their Signature support benefit for Azure. Partners who do not have Signature support should use Product Support incidents.
  • Partner may purchase Advanced Support for Partners ( ASfP) or refer their customers to Azure support plans

For more information, see Cloud support for Microsoft partners

If you are looking for more information regarding Signature Cloud Support, Microsoft has you covered





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