New Azure IaaS services can help you overcome challenges throughout the Azure project lifecycle

Whether you're just getting started in building and expanding your cloud practice or you need deeper technical guidance to pitch, close and deploy Azure deals, we can help! Explore the new trainings and technical consultations within the cloud infrastructure and management practice area, designed to complement and expand upon the existing technical presales and deployment services offered through your MPN benefits.

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Recommended first step to start your technical journey:

What’s New in Azure (L100-200)
As the Microsoft Azure platform continues to rapidly evolve, we’ve designed this technical training webcast series to help MPN partners remain up-to-date on the latest developments in Azure services. You’ll receive important news and updates regarding new service availability, feature updates or releases in Azure. The information presented will be mostly technical in nature, but occasionally our Microsoft technical experts will provide marketing and business news that is of interest to partners building a cloud practice. During this webcast, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback regarding Azure.

New technical consultations focused on Infrastructure Modernization:

Azure IaaS Starter Kit Consultation (L100-200)
Get the help you need to start a new cloud practice or expand to new Azure workloads during this one-on-one consultation. You’ll receive customized guidance and introductory training on the fundamentals of Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS). During the technical consultation with a Microsoft expert, you can expect to receive instruction on virtual machines, site recovery, back-up and other foundational topics. We’ll help you define the costs and architecture of your cloud solution and provide you with valuable materials that you can use as the foundation of your deployment plan.

Azure IaaS Presales Consultation (L200)
Working on an Azure deal? Receive technical guidance as you pitch and close Azure deals during this one-on-one consultation. Get assistance with cost estimates, POC/value proposition as well as architecture planning and design​, helping you to propose the right solution and mitigate potential issues. During the technical consultation with a Microsoft expert, you can expect to receive assistance in planning and reviewing the architecture plan for your customer’s cloud solution.

Azure IaaS Deployment Consultation (L200)
Ensure a smooth Azure deployment with personalized architecture design and deployment guidance from a Microsoft expert. During this one-on-one consultation, we’ll help you successfully implement the proposed architecture by reviewing technical blockers and teaching you best practices to follow. By preventing potential deployment issues and avoiding common implementation pitfalls, you’ll be able to reduce deployment timelines and keep your projects on track.


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