Taking Hybrid Cloud to the Next Level

As a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) partner, build your cloud infrastructure & management practice with two new technical deep dive trainings focused on hybrid cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud management & security.

Technical Deep Dive on Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure – Discover how Windows Server 2016 delivers new layers of security to help protect your customer’s datacenters from new and emerging threats. Receive expert-driven guidance on how the software defined datacenter components found in Azure can help customers achieve cost reduction, while still achieving high standards for performance. Understand the new capabilities available on Windows Server to support traditional and born-in-the cloud applications with Containers and Nano Server.

Technical Deep Dive on Hybrid Cloud Management & Security - Receive in-depth training on the services and features of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), allowing you to expand your practice by building and deploying OMS solutions for customers. The cloud-based IT management solution of OMS allows your customers to manage and protect their on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Since OMS is implemented as a cloud-based service, you can help customers deploy this solution quickly, with minimal investment in infrastructure services.

Register today for the upcoming January events! Additional dates and languages for this events will be added throughout FY17.

Throughout your technical journey of building a cloud infrastructure & management practice, we’re here to help with technical services specifically designed to meet your needs. Find additional services by C+E practice area and workload at aka.ms/BuildIntelligentCloud.

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