Partners – Maximize Your Investment and Use Free Your Azure Credits! We can help you get started.

Partners, did you know that if you have an MSDN subscription you qualify for free Windows Azure credits each monthMAPS Partners also qualify for $100 in Monthly Credits.  Most Gold and Silver partners quality as well.

To see if you qualify for Internal Use Rights on Azure follow the steps in this video.

You might say, “but we don’t work on Azure, so those don’t help us” or, “we’d like to learn Azure, but where do we start?”  There is a common business need you can start addressing that applies to almost everyone.

Just about every Partner I talk with uses virtual machines in some way.  It might be for demos, lab testing, development work, training, customer support, or many other scenarios.  Most of the folks I talk with also run into challenges with VMs.  See if any of these apply to you:

  • “Our IT staff doesn’t have time to maintain VMs for us.”
  • “We frequently run out of VM capacity on our servers when we are busy and need it the most.”
  • “We want to build a catalog of VMs that we can spin up quickly.”
  • “The developers only use VMs for a short amount of time, but need them daily.”
  • “We want to access our VMs from anywhere.”
  • And the list goes on….

Why not put those free Azure credits to work and start running some of those VM scenarios on Azure?

To help you get started, the Partner Services team has put together a new offering called (ready for my burst of creativity?) Labs on Azure.  This offering is an opportunity for you or your team to spend some time 1-1 with one of our consultants.  You’ll learn how to get started in Azure, build a VM in minutes, customize and re-use VMs, upload VMs you might be running on premise today, and how to start automating VM creation through PowerShell. 

This is a great way to get started on Azure, solve a common challenge, and use a benefit you already have!

To get started, visit to view your available advisory hours and submit a request.

Also, if you want some broader training on Azure be sure to check out this learning path.

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