Early Bird Registration for WPC 2014 Ends October 31st

The Worldwide Partner conference 2014 (join us in Washington, D.C., July 13 – 17, 2014!) early bird registration price of US$1,695 increases October 31. Take advantage of the discounted price while it lasts and make the investment in the future of your business!!!

Top Ten Reasons to Attend WPC 2014

1. Cloud

  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about why partners who are optimized for cloud and sell cloud solutions grow faster and are more profitable than those who don’t
  • Attend sessions about orienting your business toward cloud customers by providing unique public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions and easing worries about flexibility, accessibility, and security
  • Learn from experienced partners how to market Microsoft’s cloud solutions to partners wanting to move to the cloud and how to introduce cloud solutions to traditional customers who might not know they need cloud solutions

2. Big Data

  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about why Microsoft has the best data solutions compared to others, and how these solutions work to grow business and drive profitability
  • Attend sessions on what kind of Microsoft services are available to enhance your data capabilities, and how to help customers manage and analyze data and improve their business efficiency
  • Learn from experienced partners about how to market the unique functionality of Microsoft data software

3. Devices & Mobility

  • Get hands-on experience with new devices and demonstrations of features
  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about the common Windows foundation for devices and how it optimizes touch capabilities
  • Attend sessions about the multiple options for customers with diverse device needs and how you can provide the best solutions with Surface and Windows Phone
  • Learn from experienced partners about how to take advantage of the opportunity to use tablets for business and how to achieve success by embracing these new technologies

4. Enterprise Social

  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about new enterprise social trends and how Microsoft social services are designed for a modern workplace
  • Attend sessions and learn from experienced partners about how to use social as a way of working to drive business and increase productivity

5. Networking

  • Meet thousands of other partners and build relationships to drive your own business growth by acquiring advice and best practices from successful partners in your area.
  • Work with other partners to build your business plan and develop your strategy

6. Microsoft Engagement

  • Hear the vision of Microsoft’s future from leadership staff
  • Meet with Microsoft leadership to ask questions and provide feedback

7. Windows 8.1

  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about how Windows 8.1 provides a streamlined, intuitive experience that is updated in response to customer and partner feedback
  • Attend sessions about how the end of XP means more opportunities to migrate customers to Windows 8, and why Window 8.1 is the best tool for their needs

8. CityNext

  • Get inspired by huge urban growth and the resulting opportunities to build solutions for targeted areas with CityNext, which provides insight about cities as centers of increasing growth and profitability

9. Research & Development (R&D)

  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about how Microsoft differentiates itself by investing far more in R&D than competing businesses to create products with better user experience and design
  • Attend sessions about where Microsoft is headed with continuing investments to drive innovation and create new products and how Microsoft responds specifically to customer feedback

10. Competencies

  • Hear from Microsoft leadership about why there is a strong correlation between Partner of the Year award winners and gold and/or silver competencies
  • Attend sessions about which competencies are right for your business
  • Hear from successful partners about how their competencies have sparked growth in their businesses by allowing them to sell more products and increase innovation

Register Early. Save Big.

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