Come to Redmond and learn how to sell Office 365!

imageO365 Drumbeat Sales Day - Redmond, WA
October 9, 2013 from 8:00am - 5:00pm

Microsoft would like to extend an exclusive partner-only invitation to the Drumbeat Sales Readiness day for sales and pre-sales technical roles within your organization at the Microsoft offices in Redmond, at 3730 163rd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 Building 31 Room 2055

The Drumbeat Sales day is a 1-day event that provides partners in sales and pre-sales technical roles with best practice sales training for Office 365. Selling Office 365 cloud services requires a new way of selling across all the workloads. In addition to sharing Microsoft best practices, programs and sales tools, we will also present insights into the cloud services market and the opportunity for partners who invest in growing an Office 365 practice.

Come learn the proven best practices for selling Office 365! 

The Drumbeat Sales day, October 9th, provides partners in sales and pre-sales technical roles with best practice sales training for Office 365.  Selling Office 365 requires a new way of selling, come hear about it.  In addition to sharing Microsoft best practices, programs, and selling tools, we will also present insights into the cloud services market and the opportunity for partners who invest in growing an Office 365 practice. 

You will also have the opportunity to interact and learn from your industry peers and representatives from Microsoft.

There is no charge for this exclusive training, however we will be imposing a no-show fee of $600 (USD) if you register, but do not cancel your registration within ten (10) business days before the start of the first event.

Space is limited. RSVP today!

If you have questions regarding the Drumbeat Partner Sales day, please contact the Microsoft Registration Desk.

Session Descriptions

Introducing the new Office and How to Demo

The new Office provides a next-generation productivity experience for our customers.  Learn how to demonstrate the exciting features and benefits of the new Office with your customers. 

A New Era of Partner Opportunity

The new Office represents a once-in-a-generation shift in technology and a new era of partner opportunity.  Microsoft Is front-running the industry transformation to the cloud and Office 365 is leading the charge.  Learn more about our investments in the new Office and how we have created new partner opportunities across the customer lifecycle.

The Benefits of Becoming an Office 365 Cloud Deployment Partner

Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing business ever to the tune of $1 billion and counting.  And, three out of four enterprise customers work with a partner to deploy their Office 365 service.  Are you one of these partners?  Learn more about the benefits of becoming a recognized Office 365 Cloud Deployment partner and what it takes to be one. 

Selling Office 365 - Why Use the Customer Decision Framework (CDF)

The proliferation of devices, broadening workplace demographics and a transformative shift to the cloud are all trends impacting the way we work.  Office 365 clearly addresses all of these trends and is backed by a sales process that has helped grow a $1B business.  Learn how to sell to customers using the Customer Decision Framework, a sales process that enables partners to make the shift from traditional software selling to successfully sell Office 365 in the cloud. 

Selling Office 365 - Qualify the Opportunity with Cloud Principles

Microsoft's Office 365 is advantageously built on a set of cloud principles that form how we position Office 365 to customers.  Become familiar with these principles and learn how to showcase the value of Office 365 cloud services across a breadth of real customer scenarios.  

Selling Office 365 - Sell with the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)

The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a hands-on introduction to Windows 8 and the new Office.  For partners, it is an effective sales tool that provides customers with an opportunity to experience these powerful new productivity solutions for themselves.  Learn how the CIE simplifies customer conversations and provides business decision-makers with an opportunity to experience the full Office stack to accelerate sales and close revenue.

Selling Office 365 - Office 365 FastTrack

Office 365 FastTrack is Microsoft’s new 3-step pilot and deployment process designed so customers experience service value early in the sales cycle with a smooth path from pilot to full deployment within hours and no 'throw away' effort.  Learn how to utilize the Office 365 FastTrack process to get customers up and running quickly to win against the competition.

Selling Office 365 - Licensing Overview

Microsoft's Office and Office 365 offerings have evolved greatly over time culminating in today's flexible licensing strategy built around Office 365.  Gain an understanding of the Enterprise offerings within the new Office, and how we license for top customer scenarios. 

Office 365 Support and Communications

Microsoft is strengthening its partner support and communications strategy to better enable our partners to sell, service and support customers.  Learn about new ways to enhance your service offerings and stay connected with the latest developments on Office 365.

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