Is it supported on Windows Azure Virtual Machines?

I have seen a few questions recently about support* for hosting various products on Windows Azure VMs.  Can you run SharePoint? TFS? SQL Server? Hyper-V? What versions?  Fortunately there is a KB article for that 🙂

Microsoft server software support for Windows Azure Virtual Machines:

This article discusses the support policy for running Microsoft server software in the Windows Azure Virtual Machine environment (infrastructure-as-a-service). 
Microsoft supports Microsoft server software running in the Windows Azure Virtual Machine environments as listed in the "More Information" section. This support is subject to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy. For more information, visit the following Microsoft website:

All Microsoft software installed in the Windows Azure Virtual Machine environment must be properly licensed. Windows Azure Virtual Machines include by default a license for use of Windows Server in the Windows Azure environment. Certain Windows Azure Virtual Machine offerings may also include additional Microsoft software on a per-hour or evaluation basis. Licenses for other software must be obtained separately. For information about Microsoft’s License Mobility program see:

In some cases, specific versions of Microsoft server software are required for support. These versions are noted in this article, and the supported versions may be updated as needed.

As the article is updated regularly, I won’t copy over the list, but the list includes products such as Project Server, SQL Server, System Center as well as Windows Server Roles and Features. (Active Directory? Yes. DHCP Server? No.)

*Note: “Supported” is different from “will it work?”.  It is entirely possible (maybe even likely) that <random product> will install and run just fine on an Azure VM.  “Supported” means that it has been tested, and you can call into the support team and receive support if you hit problems with deploying a supported product on Azure. I managed to fit the word “support” into that last sentence 4 separate times.

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