Is VB 6.0 Keeping You on Windows XP? There is a way out.

In Partner Services we’ve been getting questions lately from Partners working with customers to migrate off Windows XP.  One of the common issues is custom applications written in VB 6.0 that needs to be updated to .NET or another current language.  Sounds easy enough, but what if you have thousands of lines of VB Code, and don’t have a spare developer just waiting around to update them one by one?  Well, there is help.

I recommend you spend some time over at the Visual Basic 6.0 Migration Resource Center.  You will find many helpful tools, trainings, assessments, and general guidance.  Here is a snip from their page:

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Migration Resource Center

Microsoft’s Commitment to VB 6.0 Customers- Microsoft is committed to helping Visual Basic 6.0 customers upgrade to .NET and preserve existing assets. Visual Studio shipped a Visual Basic 6.0 project migration wizard through 2008 in all Visual Studio SKUs. While Microsoft no longer ships the migration wizard, our partners are offering free migration tools and solutions. Here are more resources to help answer questions on how to migrate from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio 2010.



As always, partners can always contact partner services for 1-1 customized help with these topics.

Happy Developing!

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  1. Durval Ramos says:

    I learned a lot from VB6, but it is important to migrate and evolve. Good work

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