Free Development, Testing, and Demo Resources from Microsoft (and you could win an Aston Martin)

Stop and ask yourself one question.  Do you have an MSDN subscription?  For so many of our partners, the answer is yes.

Now ask yourself a second question, how much do you spend on machines for development, testing, demos, etc. per year?  Would you like to spend less and scale more?  Well, you can.  In this post by some of our friends over in Windows Azure they explain how you can utilize your MSDN benefits to try Azure with the credits included in your MSDN subscription.  Oh, and one extra perk: sign up before the deadline to be entered to win an Aston Martin!

For developers this is a great way to scale your capacity, but I tend to think it goes way beyond that.  For Partners running demo systems or needing to scale up and down based on demand, using VMs running on Azure is a way to manage this without buying and managing more hardware.

If you haven’t ever tried running a VM in Azure it is EASY.  If you have ever run a VM in Hyper-V you know most of what you need to know.  So, why are you leaving money on the table?  Head on over and sign up for Azure and give it a try. See how quickly you can begin building your VMs and explore how this could expand your organization’s capacity.

If you want some help getting started on Azure, let us know.  We’d be happy to assist.  Are you new to Azure and want to tell your story, please post a comment below.

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