Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant Updated!

The Exchange team just announced the latest updates to the Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant!

The updated Deployment Assistant now includes the following new scenarios:

  • Upgrading from a mixed Exchange 2007/Exchange 2010 deployment to Exchange 2013
  • Configuring an Exchange 2013-based hybrid deployment for Exchange 2010 organizations

These new scenarios provide step-by-step guidance about how to upgrade your mixed Exchange 2007/Exchange 2010 organization to benefit from the improvements and new features of Exchange 2013. Additionally, Exchange 2010 organizations can now configure a hybrid deployment with Office 365 using Exchange 2013 if you would like to leverage the newest improvements to the Hybrid Configuration Wizard.

And, we’re working on even more future improvements to the Deployment Assistant! We’ve listened to your feedback for improving both the Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2010 Deployment Assistants and we’re combining both of these tools into a single deployment resource. All the on-premises and hybrid deployment scenarios for Exchange 2010 in the Exchange Server 2010 Deployment Assistant will soon be incorporated into the Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant. The new and improved “Exchange Server Deployment Assistant” will soon be a one-stop shop for deploying multiple versions of Exchange. Keep checking back here for an announcement to learn when this is available!

In case you're not familiar with it, the Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant is a web-based tool that helps you deploy Exchange 2013 in your on-premises organization, configure a hybrid deployment between your on-premises organization and Office 365, or migrate to Office 365. Supported on most major browsers, the tool asks you a small set of simple questions and then, based on your answers, creates a customized checklist with instructions to deploy or configure Exchange 2013. Instead of trying to find what you need in the Exchange library, the Deployment Assistant gives you exactly the right information you need to complete your task.

Exchange 2013 Deployment Assistant

You could figure out how to setup a hybrid deployment of SharePoint by reading tons of pages of documentation on TechNet, but why would you? I highly recommend using the Exchange 2013 Deployment Assistant to help plan your next deployment to make sure you plan everything needed for a successful deployment.



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